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It's true what they say - they grow up in a blink of an eye.

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Babies grow so much in the first year! Every milestone - rolling over, sitting up, crawling, pulling up takes hundreds of practices. That is why after the newborn and maternity session, I recommend a mini milestone session for your baby  at either the 6 or 9 month. This is when your baby is crawling, or starting to sit up.

natural baby portraits for every milestone

A studio session at around your baby's first birthday milestone.
What's included: 
 - 2 themes (a natural theme and a fun colorful theme)
- an optional cake smash
- a short session for the (immediate) family with one of the themes
- access to client wardrobe

first year birthday & Cake smash

1. What is a milestone photography?
Milestone photography is a photoshoot at my studio for babies and kids between 3 month old to 13 years old. It could also be called kids photography. It is professional portraits to document your kids' growth and personality. The most popular is for babies from 3 month - 13 months old because they go through so much changes in such a short time frame. But all kids deserve to get their portraits taken at various ages (or every year) of their childhood.

2. What is a cake smash session?
Cake smash photography sessions done in my studio (as part of the first birthday milestone package). They are fun and lighthearted, and often involve a cake or some type of food! It is most often to celebrate and document babies entering "one years old"! Although, it could be done for other ages as well. The photos shows the cuteness and innocence of the baby and serves as a  wonderful mementos and keepsake to be shared with family and friends.


4. Are family members included in the photoshoot?
Most definitely. Family is such an integral part of this important milestone and journey. All immediate family members are included. 

5. How do you display milestone or cake smash pictures?
It could be displayed in an album, on the wall along or with other artworks, or as a desk piece.

6. Should you do cake smash photos before or after birthday?
It could be either, and I work with you to determine the best time and date. If you would like to share these photos on the baby's birthday then it is best done at least 2.5-3 weeks before the actual birthday.

7. Do you offer any Newborn & Kids Milestone Photography Packages?
Yes, as part of the Bump to Baby plan, you will get 3 full sessions and a complimentary mini milestone session at baby's 6-9 months. I also offer stand along kids milestone and portrait sessions that could be booked any time of the year.